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Writers Against Racism: Live from your essence

I think I found an appropriate theme to share with my students in the fall: Live from your essence…live with eachother. Guiding questions: Where do we see this happening in everyday life? Where in literature do we see people searching for their essence.
Valentina Acava Mmaka posted this TED video: Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself on my Facebook wall and it’s more than timely as it sends a strong message about our individual essence.


Yesterday’s scarf session proved to be a fun one. 

It started out with a huge wind gust! Go ahead! It's okay to laugh. :)

Scarf is under control now.


Here's one more pose

Ranking may begin. On a scale of 1-5, with five as the high.


  1. bherrera says:

    I give this one a four and half. I like it almost as much as the purple one. I love the fun poses.
    I am also intrigued about the number of books teaching us to live with each other. Most books for people older than 10 are about problems we have living with each other, not solutions. My students often ask me why it seems that everything we read in school is so sad. My stock answer is that no one wants to read about the time when everything is perfect; they want to read about the time everything went wrong – much like slowing down to check out the wreck. I like to think that some of those “sad” books also give us hope. When Gerda Klein came to town, the majority of readers told her how much hope they got from her book about her time in the Holocaust. It would be nice if books for middle school, high school and out-of-school students could include more about ways to get along with others and with ourselves.
    As Jay Asher said, we never know what a person is really like because the face they present to others my hide what is really going on inside.
    Amy, keep rocking those scarfs.

  2. Ooh, like those silver spangles. This is definitely a four, at least!

    I like what this says the direction we as writers should be going in writing novels… if we’re to learn to live from our essence and live with each other, there maybe should be a few more hints on the how that can be done…