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Writers Against Racism: Tracking ‘The Dream’

A nine-metre-tall sculpture at the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial comes via

Hurricane Irene, unfortunately, deferred the dreams of  those who had celebrations planned this weekend. One celebration, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial tribute, along with the weddings, bat (bar) mitzvahs, birthdays, showers (no pun intended), will have to be rescheduled: “It is with a heavy heart and enormous disappointment that we announce that, in the interest […]

Writers Against Racism: Tracking Students and ‘Girling’ Up!


“IRENE, DON’T BE MEAN!” Get your Girl On! My sister, Jayne, lives in NC and shared this quote she saw from her neck of the woods. And while we anxiously wait for Irene to gather steam, I am having a great day tracking those natural folks who are making a global difference in this world. […]

Writers Against Racism: Tracking Students and Making a Difference

Aaron Perl (L), Ally Witt (C), Ally's Uncle Jeff (R) (credit: CBS 2)

While it’s the calm before the storm here in NYC, it’s also BACK TO SCHOOL time! Miss Irene, you have NOTHING on these two students who are making a difference for adults with mental disabilities. Click the link to see the full video. I am with my sister today, riding out the storm and using […]

Writers Against Racism: THE IRISH SOLDIERS OF MEXICO by Michael Hogan


My good buddy, Nilki Benitez sent me this press advisory to share with you. Looks like a fascinating subject: The Irish Soldiers of Mexico, [Fondo Editorial Universitario (January 1998)]. If you’re free tomorrow, tune in!  Here’s a full listing of more author talks at Condor Book Tours. Author Livechat with Michael Hogan 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific […]

Writers Against Racism: Reading on the Run-2-Cute


My Reading on the Run post sparked such a great discussion that I wanted to share this adorable photo of my nephew who is “digging deep” into his book this summer.  This totally negates my theory that boys (my son) aren’t reading  for pleasure. Please send me your photos! If you catch a boy reading […]

Writers Against Racism: Reading on the Run

My son loved for me to read to him.

My son has been so diligent this summer as he prepares for his departure to boarding school (high school) in September.  *sniff*  He has been plowing through his summer reading books with a vengeance!  He’s such a hardworker but I can’t help but wonder if he’ll he ever develop a passion for pleasure reading?  He’s the kid who reads because […]

Writers Against Racism: Spread the Word and Take the Challenge!

Educational Consultant, Dr. Monica Hayes

It’s Friday! And as expected, Wednesday’s chemotherapy has me ALL OVER THE PLACE. No. I have not been able to pick up a boohoo book yet – that includes audio, digital, you name it.  It’s almost like my brain’s on strike   But I have been scouring the web for some educational updates to get […]

Writers Against Racism: Novelist L.A. Banks Has Died

One of my Facebook friends posted a “prayers for L.A. Banks” note about a month ago and today, as I was reading my Twitter feed, Neesha put out a tweet that Leslie Esdaile Banks had passed away this morning. NeeshaMem Neesha Meminger l.a. banks passed away this morning. may she rest in peace: So […]