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Writers Against Racism: Reading on the Run-2-Cute

My Reading on the Run post sparked such a great discussion that I wanted to share this adorable photo of my nephew who is “digging deep” into his book this summer.  This totally negates my theory that boys (my son) aren’t reading  for pleasure.

How many 6-year olds do this when it's playtime??? (comes via Michael Stoney's FB wall - Dig Deep D.U.G.)

Please send me your photos! If you catch a boy reading for pleasure, I’ll post it right here! :)

Summer Scarf Lemonade Stand - Scale from 1-5 (five is the highest) :)

In other news, I have reached the half-way mark! Chemo four was last Wednesday and I have four more to go! Whoo hoo! We’re getting there, friends.