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Writers Against Racism: Tracking Students and ‘Girling’ Up!

“IRENE, DON’T BE MEAN!” Get your Girl On!

My sister, Jayne, lives in NC and shared this quote she saw from her neck of the woods.


And while we anxiously wait for Irene to gather steam, I am having a great day tracking those natural folks who are making a global difference in this world.


A friend of mine who is also a parent at my school, shared with me how her daughter is embarking on a wonderful opportunity this semester at Girl Up, at the United Nations Foundation, as a blogger!  Education: It’s Not Just About the Boys. Get Girls Into School (via Girl Up) “The way out is not just to champion education generally but to focus intently on one subset of the problem: girls, who make up nearly 60 percent of the kids out of school. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa, only one in five girls gets any education at all.” (comes via The Daily Beast > Girl Up>>Girl Up is a United Nations foundation>> And thank you, my friend, RCS.).

Here’s why I am excited.

These are young people who are taking a global interest of getting girls to be educated, to exponential levels. Perhaps there’s a way that we, as adults, can take their lead and stand behind them, as they Girl Up for the future. Irene, who?


  1. B Herrera says:

    Good luck with Irene. I have been watching it here in Texas, hoping it doesn’t destroy the coast. Girl Up is an important project. How can countries progress when they keep half their population intentionally ignorant? Education on all levels is important and our parents need to teach our children to value and fight for it. No government can keep all girls out of school if parents fight hard enough. During my thirty plus years teaching I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard fathers tell daughters not to waste their time with education because they are ‘just going to get married.’ They also tell their sons not to waste time going to school when they could be working and getting some money for the family. Many times the quick cures for the problems of today take away any possible future advancements. Parents have to look at tomorrow and find a way for their children to prepare for the future instead of using them to make today easier. As long as education is not stressed, children will lose.
    Hope you’re doing well.

    • All is well in NYC. We ‘weathered’ the storm and Irene is heading out of the Big Apple. I’m definitely going to ‘track’ Girl Up, with my students this year. They all need to share in the development of global connectedness. Thanks, Beverly! :)