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Writers Against Racism: Students Teaching About Racism in Society

Hats off to the students at Ohio University.  They’re certainly shining brightly with their S*T*A*R*S program (Students Teaching About Racism in Society):  The purpose of STARS is to educate and facilitate discussion about all ism’s (racism, sexism, classism, etc.),  raise awareness about social justice, and promote racial harmony.  (Poster Campaign at Ohio University)

(comes via - 'We're a culture, not a costume' this Halloween By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN)

(comes via – ‘We’re a culture, not a costume’ this Halloween By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN)


  1. B Herrera says:

    Saw this the other day. Just had the discussion at school with why blackface is so wrong on so many levels. Some teachers tried to justify it, even bringing up the ‘too sensitive’ issue. No way. Dress like your favorite black basketball star, but don’t blacken your face. The jersey number is enough to identify you without the makeup. Every time I think we’re past those things, I am reminded that there are many who think it is still okay to mock another race, culture, or group, especially if there aren’t many of that group in the area. Bravo to the students who came up the posters. It is insulting to portray any stereotype which is degrading. And it is never ‘funny.’ Sadly, I’m seeing more division, not less, in the areas of race, culture, and sex. Hate seems to be growing. Part of seems to be because we view any compromise or acceptance of other ideas as a weakness. It has become us against them in politics, business, and society at a time when we really need to work together to solve our problems.

    • Beverly, I have been thinking about you. As I’ve been clearing out old e-mails, I have George’s and can’t seem to delete even one of his. He mentioned you a lot, as I’ve said in the past but as you comment on these posts, I can see how George inspired you. Thank you for your thoughts. They are a huge part on how we can make the world a better place.

  2. Personally speaking, the ignorance and the unwillingness like Beverly mentioned to accept new ideas and cultures intensifies cultural conflicts (I really don’t like to use the word racism). The word is used so loosely that I have experienced people pulling out the card to their own advantage. I have been asked if I was a terrorist because I dressed differently the times I have visited public places in my traditional Indian clothing. I have also been called a racist because I asked a minority student to go to the office for his disobedience in class. I have felt icky after this episode. Parental and other adult influences are immense in these young minds and it is the adult sadly who cannot forgive the past and show the children whether their own, adopted or fostered or students that we can trust God and allow Him to work in our hearts and pray like warriors for healing in our country and be that healing.

    • We have to figure out a way to reach the students before society does. They aren’t born with these thoughts and keep the faith that what you are contributing DOES MATTER.


  1. technology says:


    […]Writers Against Racism: Students Teaching About Racism in Society « Bowllan's Blog[…]…