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Writers Against Racism: TEDxYouth@Hewitt 2011

On Saturday, November 19, students from all over the world participated in TEDxYouthDay.

It was thrilling to watch The Hewitt School’s (my school) livestream of the event! Our gymnasium was literally transformed into a provocative day of BREAKthroughs.  Poets, bloggers, speakers, and several global-minded thinkers shared not only the bright ‘spotlight’, but the moment when they realized what their purpose is in life. <<That is my, Amy’s, interpretation of BREAKthrough.

TEDxYouth@Hewitt invited young people from grades 8-12 to gather for a day of inspiring talks and conversation. Organized by kids for kids under the leadership of Hewitt’s ACTION club, this year’s conference has the theme of “BREAKthrough” and features speakers in their teens, twenties and beyond who will share their stories of personal epiphany and of breaking through barriers.”  My favorite is that the event was organized by students and many more young people were in attendance – ON A SATURDAY!

What was your BREAKthrough moment? 

Here’s a map of TEDxYouthDay 2011!


  1. Hi Amy, I went through one of your posts on facebook from the event and listened to Jamaal Nelson and it was great to watch. His words about building relationships and keeping them, finding purpose, making a difference. It was really great, thank you for sharing it. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am grateful for you Amy and you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. :) Best to you friend!!

  2. Thank you, Kakie! I was so inspired by Jamaal. He ‘gets it’ when it comes to young people and what it takes to build a purposeful future.

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you, too!