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Writers Against Racism: Romeo Riley Series by April M. Whitt


I’d always had a heart to create the kind of literature I’d enjoyed since childhood, but practical need and a love for kids brought me into teaching (first English, then Special Needs.)  For many years I was a “closet” writer while working with the kids with disabilities. But after time, Romeo was just the natural […]

Writers Against Racism: Derrick Gay Visits Bowllan’s Blog

Before you view this 8-minute interview with Educational Consultant, Derrick Gay, please pardon my awkward camera angles. I was shooting this segment this morning on a baby tripod and did my best to get us both in the frame.  The essence, however, was not missed.

Writers Against Racism: Do you have ‘vision’?

My dad, Anthony Bodden, was physically disabled due to a series of strokes.

Two mistakes I’ve made in my life that at the time, I did not know were mistakes: 1) At a party, in an effort to ‘help’ a man who was visually impaired, I grabbed his arm to lead him out of the crowd. BIG MISTAKE.  He shook my hand off and was annoyed at my gesture.  […]

Writers Against Racism: Thoughts on the future of the book

While researching how students with special needs are learning in this overly digital and gadget-driven world, I stumbled upon this link – which made me think.  Just think.   Children have such bold imagination, which is so refreshing. They really have no ‘box’ to think outside of. Comes via comment section from Goodbye Textbooks, Hello iPad  By David Worthington […]

Writers Against Racism: Derrick Gay and Romeo Riley


On Thursday I will be interviewing Derrick Gay on issues of diversity and how we can best serve today’s students – all students.  We will focus on students with special needs since their voices are often the silent ones that are under the radar. Gay is an educational consultant that partners with independent and international […]

Writers Against Racism: THE MYSTERY OF: THE BOY WHO SAW TOO MUCH by April Whitt

April Whitt with one of her students

Back in October I received the following e-mail: Hello Ms. Bowllan: I appreciate your heart for literature that represents our diverse population! I am a teacher of students with special needs (most of them have CP and are in wheel chairs.) I have a new book I’d like to bring more attention to. If you […]

Writers Against Racism: Friday Reflections


Yesterday was not only my wedding anniversary (16-years) but it was also just about 6-months since the start of my breast cancer journey.  I’ll never forget that first post that feels like such a long time ago – I am happy to report.  Update: each day I feel better. My hair is slowly growing back, […]

Writers Against Racism: An e-mail from NYPL

Hi Amy, I’m delighted to invite you to attend the next Conversations with the Cullman Center event with John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of the much lauded PULPHEAD. He will be joined by another critically-acclaimed author Wells Tower, author of EVERYTHING RAVAGED, EVERYTHING BURNED. This literary twosome will discuss the art of the essay. No doubt […]