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Writers Against Racism: Friday Reflections

Yesterday was not only my wedding anniversary (16-years) but it was also just about 6-months since the start of my breast cancer journey.  I’ll never forget that first post that feels like such a long time ago – I am happy to report.  Update: each day I feel better. My hair is slowly growing back, as is my memory and other side effects from the chemo damage.  Coming through this ordeal, my sensitivity to people with disabilities and diseases is so much more pronounced, since I can fully grasp what it means to not feel at your 100%.  I question if I ever was, or if it’s important to work at 100%. No, it’s not. It is, however, good to live with a smile on and know that every ‘lash’ counts.

My daughter's self portrait and theme of community service. Thanks, Christina, for including me in the picture. I am wearing the blue scarf. :)

This week was awesome! Packed with so many goodies.  On Monday, author and Newbery medal winner, Rebecca Stead came to speak at my school and boy was she inspiring.  Her storytelling ability is perfect for youngsters because she’s so down to earth and allows them – the students – to direct the flow of the talk she gave.  WHEN YOU REACH ME [Wendy Lamb Books; 1 edition (July 14, 2009)] was a huge hit and while the time period is more from my generation, the rockin’ 70s, the students were immersed in the mystery and historical fiction (their words) of the plot.  Rebecca has another book coming out in 2012.

Full disclosure: Like my wig?

Then on Tuesday, I received an e-mail from SLJ’s Technology Editor,  Kathy Ishizuka, about a Twitter book chat which revealed SLJ’s Best Books for 2011. That was a lot of fun. We were able to ask SLJ staffers questions about what books and why.  My buddy and esteemed poet, Arnold Adoff made the best books list for his new release ROOTS AND BLUES.

From SLJ:

Also, I just found this blog link from Susan Polgar, the first woman to break the gender barrier in chess…such a cool post!


  1. Congratulations, Amy on 16 years of marriage. That is quite an accomplishment. It’s great to hear you’re feeling better and more importantly, blogging. I’ve missed your reflections.

  2. Congrats on 16 years! I have an unbelievable 28 (I’m the most surprised!) I pray for a full return of health for you. May God Bless You in every way!