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Writers Against Racism: THE MYSTERY OF: THE BOY WHO SAW TOO MUCH by April Whitt

Back in October I received the following e-mail:

Hello Ms. Bowllan:

Here's April with one of her students, reading her series.

I appreciate your heart for literature that represents our diverse population! I am a teacher of students with special needs (most of them have CP and are in wheel chairs.) I have a new book I’d like to bring more attention to. If you would be interested in seeing it or could direct me in any way to give it more exposure I’d sure appreciate it!

Here’s some photos of my students looking at the book titled: Private Eye, Romeo Riley.   He is the world’s first “bumbling detective in a wheel chair!” Join him for his hilarious adventures.  

Please get back with me if you get a chance.  Thanks!

 April M. Whitt

I got right back to April with a strong interest in reviewing her book, PRIVATE EYE ROMEO RILEY THE SERIES – The Mystery of: The Boy Who Saw Too Much by April M. Whitt (Grapefruit Press, FL 2011)

Time passed and much has been happening in my life, so I apologize to April for the hold up.  She made an excellent point on my Facebook wall yesterday that I cannot shake off because she is absolutely right.  Here is her comment:

Hey Amy,
Hope all is well. Just a reminder. Hope you will be able to post a review on my book “Romeo Riley.” What did you think of it? How might it fit in with the results from the Library Journal/Newberry report on the lack of quality books for/about kids with special needs? Thanks for all you are doing.

April, I am sorry for the delay and your efforts have NOT gone unnoticed.  Tomorrow, my viewers will FINALLY meet Romeo Riley, that delightful detective.  He reminds me a lot of myself :) .  By the way, all this week is devoted to kids with special needs and what we are doing (and not doing) about them.

April Whitt with one of her students