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Writers Against Racism: Do you have ‘vision’?

Two mistakes I’ve made in my life that at the time, I did not know were mistakes:

1) At a party, in an effort to ‘help’ a man who was visually impaired, I grabbed his arm to lead him out of the crowd. BIG MISTAKE.  He shook my hand off and was annoyed at my gesture.  I figured it out later in the evening, he didn’t need help.  In fact, he was listening closely to the musicians for his time to play the piano, which he was scheduled to perform.  Basically, I was in his way.

My dad, Anthony Bodden, was physically disabled due to a series of strokes.

2)  Another time, I remember visiting my dad in the nursing home, and plopping my jacket and bag on the tray that held his food and computer.  I had no regard and didn’t realize how rude I was until a nurse said, in her West Indian accent, “Nah, mun, take dem tings off the man’s tray. Come now.” After that day, I got it.

Before I introduce you to Private Eye ROMEO RILEY by April Whitt, I think it’s important  we reflect on experiences we may have had like mine. Doesn’t feel good, I know. But please share them in the comments section.