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Writers Against Racism: Romeo Riley Series by April M. Whitt

I’d always had a heart to create the kind of literature I’d enjoyed since childhood, but practical need and a love for kids brought me into teaching (first English, then Special Needs.)  For many years I was a “closet” writer while working with the kids with disabilities.

But after time, Romeo was just the natural offspring of who I’d become. After noticing a potentially untapped group of readers (oftentimes indirect, but nevertheless consumers of media and printed information) I saw a real need for quality literature to represent and entertain “them.” And I wanted to step beyond teaching tools and fuzzy “feel good” fluff, and write a book for people to enjoy. When reading is fun, that’s when we read.

I plan 3 or 4 more titles in the Romeo series, and other great children’s books for all types of readers to enjoy. Those early years of turning those glorious pages of a dreamy picture book never left me. I’d like to be a part of building the next generation of writers and dreamers.

Bio: April M. Whitt is a teacher of students with Special Needs and new Children’s Author. She started her own company called: Grapefruit Press in order to produce more  for hungry young readers. Her mission statement is “to connect diverse groups of readers with wholesome entertainment, and to help reflect light into a darkening world.”