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Writers Against Racism: Children’s Book Council Diversity Kickoff


I was honored to be invited to the Children’s Book Council Diversity Kickoff event tonight!!!  It’s such a wonderful and forward-thinking initiative that I asked CBC’s Executive Director, Robin Adelson, to share the vision and thoughts behind forming this committee. “The newly formed CBC Diversity Committee is dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and […]

Writers Against Racism: (A Fun) 2012 Pura Belpre Honor

After the day I had, e-mails like THIS make my day. Thank you, Samantha Vamos! “I love love love what he did. He’s just something else! Rafael [Lopez]made a video of his reaction to winning a 2012 Pura Belpre Honor.” Take a look…this is ‘AWEsome’ at its best. “Before You Were Here, Mi Amor”  (Viking) […]

Writers Against Racism: HEART AND SOUL by Kadir Nelson

Heart & Soul: The Story of America and African Americans Kadir Nelson

Our fabulous librarian just handed me Kadir Nelson’s, Heart and Soul The Story of America and African Americans (Harper Collins, 2011).  At first, the weight of the book struck me, as did the heartening illustrations on every page of the book.  That’s how deep and heavy the pictures are. If you want to take a […]

Writers Against Racism: Jonathan Daniels (Here am I, Send Me)

Here’s another Civil Rights martyr, Jonathan Daniels, who lost his life while trying to defend a 17-year old black girl. Here’s his story. Here Am I, Send Me: The Story of Jonathan Daniels from Episcopal Marketplace on Vimeo.

Writers Against Racism: Autherine Juanita Lucy

At the gentle prompting of Arnold Adoff, I am doing some research on the brave men and women who were breaking down barriers during the Civil Rights Movement. Their names, however, are not well known.  Here’s one woman I did not know about, Autherine Juanita Lucy. “Autherine Lucy was accepted to the University of Alabama. […]

Writers Against Racism: Suheir Hammad: Poems of war, peace, women, power

War, peace, power, violence…Things that I am thinking about today, as my students prepare for what’s to be a powerful day of SPOKEN WORDS. We know that words have so much power, whether alone by itself or grouped together to make a point.  Just watch.

Writers Against Racism: Arnold Adoff’s Assignment

The esteemed poet, Arnold Adoff, always inspires me when he comments on my blog because I learn something new each time. The following comment was in response to my post on Authors Remember the Civil Rights Movement, of which the late Virginia Hamilton and Arnold Adoff are featured. thanks so much, amy…my piece was taken […]

Writers Against Racism: In Blog News

Mitali Perkins

 As you can see I am not blacking out today but I do support the movement.  To me, when Dr. King spoke of peaceful resistant he did it through voice and action.  There is a time to be silent but not when you’re a teacher.  Students don’t always understand silence. I believe we can send a […]

Writers Against Racism: It’s My Birthday and There’s Good News


Last year for my birthday, I remember quite well – wishing and praying for little Christina-Taylor Greene and the other victims of the Arizona shooting.  I remember how awful I felt for the families and all affected.  One year later, and much has transpired in my own life. Breast cancer, surgery, reconstruction, chemotherapy — it […]

Writers Against Racism: Authors Remember The Civil Rights Movement

Laura De Silva from Open Road Integrated Media sent me this valuable video with interviews featuring Alice Walker – as well Virginia Hamilton (M.C. Higgins, the Great) and William Styron (The Confessions of Nat Turner). I would have posted it yesterday but my blog software was ‘acting up’.