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Writers Against Racism: 2011 W.A.R. Person of the Year Award

The posthumous award goes to the late George E Stanley, for whom without his literary efforts to combat racism, this Writers Against Racism series would never have started.

“I still think the best approach is the one you’ve started here, Amy, which is to bring to everyone’s attention writers of color who are writing about young people of color and whose books should be on the reading lists of the nation’s public schools. Good grief! We’ve seen some incredible books – fantastic literature featuring characters of all colors living lives that young people of all colors can identify with. And, Amy, as far as Anne Frank is concerned, you became her. She spoke to you through the pages of her diary and you listened. Today, young people of all colors really can be what they want to be, I do believe, Amy, but the secret is something you’ve really known all along: DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION WHATSOEVER TO PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY WHO KEEP TELLING YOU THAT YOU CAN’T BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!” -George Stanley

RIP, my friend.


  1. This site is like the site I have been looking for. I am old and very tired of living with the hypocrisy of ridding the world of racism. If there is ever honesty in ridding this country and the world of racism, the task is no task. It is very simple; the only need is to stop the use of the word “race”. The use of this word race speaks to the real racists and is used to preserve racism. There is no white race of people, there are white Africans; and there are brown, tan, and black Africans, there is no smart skin, nose, toes or any other body parts. The mitochondria DNA support the facts that all modern men are Homo sapiens from the shores of Africa. Until there is other evidence, these facts are common within the scientific community. These facts also supports that there would be no man without the black man. The proof of white supremacy would include equality. The proof of white supremacy would not be a system that allows others to be held back for ignorance to catch up. What have the world missed if everyone could have participated without the threat of fair competitions by the racist? It is time for open truth and dialogue on the subject about racism and the teaching the white supremacy lie. As long as there is white supremacy teaching their will be racism. Because this is true, no one should apologize for being racist. Let’s talk.

  2. B Herrera says:

    George saw and brought out the best in everyone. He focused on inspiring people to be better, not on condemning them. I agree with his philosophy that, until we all get together and start talking honestly, we will never learn to get along with each other. Talking, understanding, and encouraging each other is the solution to most of life’s problems. Thank you Amy for continuing George’s dream of literature about everyone: every culture, every race, every person. And thank you George, for inspiring me and for sending me to Amy. Both of you give me hope.