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Writers Against Racism: It’s My Birthday and There’s Good News

Last year for my birthday, I remember quite well – wishing and praying for little Christina-Taylor Greene and the other victims of the Arizona shooting.  I remember how awful I felt for the families and all affected.  One year later, and much has transpired in my own life. Breast cancer, surgery, reconstruction, chemotherapy — it seems endless — but I am grateful to be here and grateful to have another birthday.

Mys sister, Joanne, bought me this yummy cake.

Whatever happens in life, you can always find a good story to tell. -Amy Bowllan

What I like to do for my birthday is CELEBRATE the good news!!!

1) Sean Penn has been officially named an ambassador to Haiti.  He really has put his money where his mouth is and he’s been consistent with his fight for Haiti.

2) Samantha Garvey has grabbed the hearts of all of us. The once homeless teenager and Intel semi finalist, has now been invited to The State of the Union.

3) Author and friend, Samantha Vamos’s book, La Cazuela the Farm Maiden Stirred, is included on the Top 100 Children’s Book List published by the children’s librarians of the New York Public Library each year. The Cover of La Cazuela marks the Folk and Fairy Tale category. (Thank you, Rosamaria for the tip!)

4) The FLOTUS and I have a lot in common. We share the same birthday and we love to dance.

By Brande Victorian (photo via Reuters) Madame Noire


  1. AMY, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! With much love, Samantha (Thank you for this incredible shout out! I love being part of your good news and I also love the news you posted! All wonderful.)

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Thank you, Samantha!