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Writers Against Racism: In Blog News

 As you can see I am not blacking out today but I do support the movement.  To me, when Dr. King spoke of peaceful resistant he did it through voice and action.  There is a time to be silent but not when you’re a teacher.  Students don’t always understand silence. I believe we can send a strong message through the power of the keyboard and our voices.  I would not want to be silenced because too many people lost their lives to give us our voices.

In blog news…
Bur Bur and Friends bloggers, Kakie Fitzsimmons and JoAnne Pastel are sharing ways to advocate for special needs kids.  Their books are used to teach about diversity in schools.  “When you need to write a letter to your child’s school to communicate a problem or a request, it’s a really good idea to mention what is working for your child as well. It helps to resolve a negative situation if you know what works well for a student.”

JoAnne Pastel and Kakie Fitzsimmons

Over at Mitali’s Firescape, she’s putting it right out there. Hey, we need more Latino books and more. Check out her table!  (Mitali will also be visiting my school in March and I am thrilled beyond words.)

Mitali Perkins

Writing Objects blog by Neesha Memimger is choosing NOT  to black out her blog, as am I, but she does, however, share resources.  Stop SOPA and IPA and any other act they concoct to take away freedom on the internet.


  1. Jenny Paredes says:

    Today, racism is very prevalent all over america. It really has to do with the environment people are exposed to, raising and upbrining. I am sure you know this already, but i have to admitt.. i was racist and i did not even know it. Not only to white, and blacks, but to sex, and age as well. I was all around stupid. It saddens me to think, that although i was raised wiht my family speaking poorly of others, and where tehre were racial battles within my family, i unconscisouly got sucked into that horrible and gruesome vortex.
    I am proud to be who i am, and that simply means, i am a Child of God.

    I am not afraid to die, what i am afraid of is to find out that the people that i trusted all my lives are the ones very capable of committing Hate crimes. For the first time in my life, i am truly scared of the people i know. I was in DENIAL… Please Pray for me…