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Writers Against Racism: Arnold Adoff’s Assignment

The esteemed poet, Arnold Adoff, always inspires me when he comments on my blog because I learn something new each time. The following comment was in response to my post on Authors Remember the Civil Rights Movement, of which the late Virginia Hamilton and Arnold Adoff are featured.

thanks so much, amy…my piece was taken from a longer interview with open road as we worked together to enhance some of virginia’s ebooks they are putting out there…will be twelve titles very soon…and my collection of virginia’s speeches, essays and conversations will be out in ebook format with scholastic….
young people need to understand how the “movement” was happening inside minds and onto streets and movie theaters and restaurants…even in little college towns like yellow springs, ohio…so much like the “occupy” movement(s) of today…really just beginning….
these lines of energy and action…always build like fires under thick mattings of wet leaves and underbrush on the forest floor….smoke almost invisible…until the light and heat of the fires….
talk to your granmas and grandads…and use the lessons of histories to go beyond…forward….
finally: go google names of the martyrs little mentioned…college students gunned down during demonstrations….those unjustly jailed…forced to flee…
we owe it to the memories of those lynched and murdered and “disappeared…” marginalized and
silenced…and to dubois and robeson…malcolm and hampton….on and on….
those struggles began decades before the “movement” and are continuing…must continue…beyond our own times….

So, I’ve decided to start the research and find out more about these martyrs, the college students gunned down during the demonstrations and those who were silenced.  I think it’s just assumed that we know about these people and it’s too late to ask my grandparents, since they are deceased.  My goal is to awaken their voices.  Thanks for the push, Arnold.