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Writers Against Racism: Suheir Hammad: Poems of war, peace, women, power

War, peace, power, violence…Things that I am thinking about today, as my students prepare for what’s to be a powerful day of SPOKEN WORDS. We know that words have so much power, whether alone by itself or grouped together to make a point.  Just watch.


  1. All these events developing all-around the earth are not likely a coincidence. It is almost certainly the time for everyone to be ready for hard days coming, it could be possibly even apocalyptic times. Understand it is without a doubt not only just human beings on the fringe that are believing this any longer, increasingly more citizens happen to be opening their mind to the violent political climate the actual society is in. The most recent experimenting concerning mutating the actual avian bird flu is in fact merely 1 of the many types of the risks that our world lives under. Thanks for offering a great online community to post our personal beliefs on, continue the terrific work.