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Writers Against Racism: Black History Month Books and Jeremy Lin

What Jeremy Lin can teach us. A MUST read, to the children in your life.

Writers Against Racism: Why ‘Pink and Blue’ Needs You by James Parris

James Parris is a character animator but he’s also a young man who grew up next door to me. I remember him as a little boy, playing with my brothers and then he would be off to the easel…drawing, sketching  and cartooning – if that’s even a word.  But NOW, he’s living his dream. I salute James […]

Writers Against Racism: Black History Month and Spirituals

Thank you to my daughter for videotaping this segment (and for giggling).

Writers Against Racism: Black History Month Books – Picks by Ms. Walsh

Writers Against Racism: Black History Month: Honoring the Storytelling Tradition

Today is my mom’s 70th birthday! Go, Mom! And she is certainly from the ‘storytelling’ generation, so I will be interviewing her a little later to see how times have changed. In the meantime, my thanks to Laura from OpenMedia for these authentic and insightful videos.

Writers Against Racism: Helping Girls Around The World

Writers Against Racism: Black History Month Books

Writers Against Racism: Bowllan’s Vlog on Diversity#1

Thanks to the Children’s Book Council, I am starting a video blog.  The CBC came full steam last week when they organized a Kick Off – Cocktail Party for their newly established Diversity Committee.  It made me seriously consider coming out of hiding and living in front of the curtain instead of behind. There’s also […]

Writers Against Racism: Support The CBC Diversity Committee by Ayanna Coleman

I got my twibbon! Support CBC Diversity!

Greetings! To those of you who attended the CBC Diversity Kick Off, thank you! If you were not able to attend last night’s spectacular event, never fear! Detailed below is what you missed. Even if you were in attendance, please be sure to read below for the 7 steps to becoming a CBC Diversity Partner. […]

Writers Against Racism: CBC Diversity Committee Kickoff Party


Last night’s CBC Diversity Committee Kickoff was OH SO FUN! Here are some of  photos and there’s more to come — tomorrow.  I got to this post pretty late…sorry.  The Children’s Book Council introduced new diversity committee and there were plenty of people  in-the-house with great ideas and the future is bright for diversity. CBC […]