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Writers Against Racism: Support The CBC Diversity Committee by Ayanna Coleman


To those of you who attended the CBC Diversity Kick Off, thank you! If you were not able to attend last night’s spectacular event, never fear! Detailed below is what you missed. Even if you were in attendance, please be sure to read below for the 7 steps to becoming a CBC Diversity Partner.

The CBC Diversity Committee

The CBC Diversity Committee is dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and experiences contributing to children’s literature. We endeavor to encourage diversity of race, gender, geographical origin, sexual orientation, and class among both the creators of and the topics addressed by children’s literature. We strive for a more diverse range of employees working within the industry, of authors and illustrators creating inspiring content, and of characters depicted in children’s literature.

We plan to achieve these goals by taking the following actions:


  • Participate in high school and college career fairs
  • Visit high school senior level English classes to discuss careers in publishing


  • Maintain an up-to-date blog consisting of industry news, book spotlights, CBC Diversity event information, the personal stories of Committee members, and other ready resources for publishing individuals
  • Provide a Goodreads CBC Diversity profile that curates front and backlist books by CBC member publishers in order to raise awareness of the diversity-friendly content already in existence

Keeping The Conversation Going

  • Host panel discussions at which different industry arms can communicate the challenges they face in selling and promoting diverse books, and can work together to develop solutions to these problems.
  • Hold safe space meetings at which industry employees can discuss the obstacles to diversity that they have encountered within the children’s publishing world

Become a Partner

    1. Advocate, be proactive, and show your support by adding our Twibbon to your social networking profiles.
    2. Attend at least on event per year. You may learn something new and benefit from the discussion, enabling you to impart fresh knowledge unto others.
    3. Acquire and share non-traditional avenues in which to promote diverse books with the CBC.
    4. Agents and editors-seek diverse books.
    5. Alert those in sales and marketing to initiate in-house conversations about how to sell and market diverse books.
    6. Aim to expose children in your life to diverse books and invite your publishing colleagues to talk at their schools about the industry and the jobs within it.
    7. Acknowledge the CBC as a resource. Check in regularly on the blog and check in with us at with your comments, questions, and information you feel should be shared with your colleagues.

Add the CBC Diversity Twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook!

Create Change Right Now

CBC Diversity needs your help! Email to commit to at least one of the below action items:

  • Be a part of a CBC diversity panel
  • Visit a school or job fair
  • Be interviewed for the CBC Diversity blog