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Writers Against Racism: Cheers To Women’s History Month

We all know of at least one heroine. ‘C’here’s a video tribute to ours.

Writers Against Racism: Diversify Your Bulletin Boards

Long time readers of mine will appreciate this video, as it speaks to those of us teachers who are artistically challenged while designing bulletin boards.

Writers Against Racism: SLJ’s Kathy Ishizuka (Women’s History Month)

Bowllan's Blog Honors Kathy Ishizuka for Women's History Month

HOPEFULLY,  or with enough stalking I will get the exclusive, on camera interview with SLJ’s Kathy Ishizuka. *Here’s why —> “Kathy Ishizuka has been named executive editor, technology and digital projects for School Library Journal.” (Comes via breaking news from the SLJ Staff) READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE Kathy is not only a visionary in […]

Writers Against Racism: Mitali Perkins (Women’s History Month)

Amy and Mitali

It was an honor to have Mitali Perkins speak to our 5th and 6th graders today.  Her spirit is infectious and she left our students wanting to learn more.  Take a look at a few clips from today. What was a highlight for me was that I finally got a chance to meet one of […]

Writers Against Racism: Mitali Perkins is Coming to Bowllan’s Blog!

I cannot contain my excitement. After all these years, I finally get to meet Mitali Perkins (in person). She’s driving from Boston today and coming to my school to speak to grades 5 and 6 about her wonderful work. Stay tuned for clips from her visit.

Writers Against Racism: Jayne Mendius and SPOONFUL (Part 2)

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to my daughter who videotaped this Face Time interview with Jayne and Chris. Her tired arms persevered through it all. Now…please meet Jayne Mendius, whose husband, Chris, I introduced to you yesterday.

Writers Against Racism: SPOONFUL by Chris Mendius (Part 1)

Edgy  is how Jayne Mendius describes her husband Chris’s latest novel, SPOONFUL.  Mendius takes his readers on a journey through the sordid world of addiction.  So why is addiction coming to Bowllan’s Blog? And what does it have to do with YA? Well, our world is filled various forms of addictions – some hidden – some not.  Students […]

Writers Against Racism: Phylicia Rashad and Teaching (Women’s History Month)

Phylicia, my niece, me (Backstage on Broadway)

Hats off  of  to the elegant Phylicia Rashad, who in the 80s and 90s portrayed the uber mom on the sitcom The Cosby Show.  Back in those days, Phylicia also served as a mentor and a friend to me.  When I phoned her to tell her I was diagnosed with breast cancer, her teacher came out. “Amy, […]

Writers Against Racism: Misty Copeland: an unlikely ballerina (Women’s History Month)

If you haven’t seen her dance yet, do so now. Misty Copeland is a true role model for those young people of color who want to dance the dance but aren’t the ‘likely pick’.