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Writers Against Racism: Where have all the blogrolls gone? Long time…

…u p d a t e d.

Are your blogrolls updated? Well, since it’s spring and beautiful outside, let get some fresh and bold issues of diversity from the ‘sphere’, with particular attention on: YA Lit., publishing, issues in the news, controversial news, librarians on the move, book reviews and more!

Here’s what I have this spring:

A new nephew :)  SURPRISE!

                                                                                                                                                                    …………….Beautiful tulips to pass, to and from work.

……………and a freshly, thriving blogroll.

CBC DIVERSITY (New Diversity-themed seasonal showcase – from member publishers.)

MITALI’S FIRE ESCAPE (Authors write letters to their teen selves in Dear Teen Me. A therapeutic exercise indeed.)

Grace Lin Blog (You’ll definitely want to read the post on her blog, Rethinking Tikki Tikki Tembo.) 

Fledgling  (Zetta’s post on young, black, — and Human resonated loudly to me and I am sure you will agree.)

Crazy Quilt Edi (Edi interviews  Brian F. Walker the author of Black Boy White School)

Send me more!!!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for the mention! The Hawaii Book blog is celebrating reading with an interview with Gail Tsukiyama.