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Writers Against Racism: Where have all the blogrolls gone? Long time…

…u p d a t e d.

Are your blogrolls updated? Well, since it’s spring and beautiful outside, let get some fresh and bold issues of diversity from the ‘sphere’, with particular attention on: YA Lit., publishing, issues in the news, controversial news, librarians on the move, book reviews and more!

Here’s what I have this spring:

A new nephew :)   SURPRISE!

                                                                                                                                                                    …………….Beautiful tulips to pass, to and from work.

……………and a freshly, thriving blogroll.

CBC DIVERSITY (New Diversity-themed seasonal showcase - from member publishers.)

MITALI’S FIRE ESCAPE (Authors write letters to their teen selves in Dear Teen Me. A therapeutic exercise indeed.)

Grace Lin Blog (You’ll definitely want to read the post on her blog, Rethinking Tikki Tikki Tembo.) 

Fledgling  (Zetta’s post on young, black, — and Human resonated loudly to me and I am sure you will agree.)

Crazy Quilt Edi (Edi interviews  Brian F. Walker the author of Black Boy White School)

Send me more!!!


  1. Edi says:

    Hi Amy!
    Thanks for the mention! The Hawaii Book blog is celebrating reading with an interview with Gail Tsukiyama.