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Writers Against Racism: Byron Pitts on 60 Minutes Overtime

If you do nothing else today, please watch Byron Pitt’s interview with Ann Silvio, The “N-word”: Is it ever okay to say it? (via 60 Minutes Overtime) *WARNING* the advertisements and other distractions on the CBS website  may need some sorting through. BUT… After watching Byron’s interview I wondered…is the word ‘nigger’ a historical word […]

Writers Against Racism: 60 MINUTES and “Huckleberry Finn”

Just in case you missed 60 Minutes (on CBS) last weekend, Byron Pitts reported on the neverending “Huckleberry Finn” saga and the use of the word nigger.  He did a great job by showing all aspects of the controversy.  Take a look. Since I was in high school, I have been on the fence as to whether or not Huck and […]