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21st Century Storytelling: More W.A.R. Nominees for Person of the Year


“Throughout my life I have seen that fiction is a far better way of building understanding than statistics. Only fiction can bring you fully into someone’s world, can let you see through a different pair of eyes. And I wanted readers to see through this narrator, not to feel sorry for him, and not even […]

Writers Against Racism: Guest Blogger: Kelly Starling Lyons


Twenty-two years ago, Wade and Cheryl Hudson made a life-changing decision. Frustrated by the low number of African-American children’s books available to share with their son and daughter, they decided to do something about it – create books themselves. Their commitment to filling the gap and giving not just their kids, but all young people, […]

Writers Against Racism: One Million Men and Me by Kelly Starling Lyons


  It’s never too late to Get Caught Reading An Author of Color’s Book!!! Please, keep ’em coming… Kelly Starling Lyons, an author and who will be visiting my blog during the month of October, was kind enough to send me the following: “Amy, Here’s a picture of author and poet, Serena T. Wills, reading One Million […]

Writers Against Racism: Police Confrontation Press Conference Lesson Plan

There are two sides to every story. Right? “People are denying the plight of poor people, the plight of people of color, the plight of anybody that’s different that comes in contact with law enforcement. A change needs to happen.” (by Tim Haeck via   “When an officer has been assaulted, we are taught […]