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Writers Against Racism: Author Neesha Meminger Speaks About Trayvon Martin

Neesha Meminger was kind enough to Skype in an interview with me regarding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  Thank you, Neesha! A special thanks and video credit goes to my niece, Kayla, who videotaped the Million Hoodie March in Union Square last night, and to my husband Mark, who videotaped this series of Skype […]

Writers Against Racism: Novelist L.A. Banks Has Died

One of my Facebook friends posted a “prayers for L.A. Banks” note about a month ago and today, as I was reading my Twitter feed, Neesha put out a tweet that Leslie Esdaile Banks had passed away this morning. NeeshaMem Neesha Meminger l.a. banks passed away this morning. may she rest in peace: So […]

21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. Person of the Year (more nominees)


“Writers who write race, gender, class, sexuality, and the “other” experiences consciously, reshape the world we live in to reflect a certain sensibility. This sensibility positions the “other” smack dab in the middle of the narrative rather than on the fringe or in the margins. This, in itself, is quite radical, given the mainstream depictions […]