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Writers Against Racism: Nathalie Mvondo

Nathalie Mvondo

Briefly describe the impact racism had on you as a young person. I have a strong mother, a woman with a strong faith and personality. When I was seven she taught me to defend myself… by threatening to beat the crap out of me if I ever came home in tears again (bullying). Her argument […]

Writers Against Racism: Cheryl Willis Hudson’s Blog


I just added Cheryl Willis Hudson’s blog to my blogroll and can’t believe I didn’t have her here sooner. Cheryl is editorial director of Just Us Books, Inc., an independent publishing company that focuses on Black interest books for children and young adults. Anyway, she has a fantastic post today which I saw via Zetta Elliott’s […]

Writers Against Racism: Updates On W.A.R. Authors


I introduced to you Ari, back when the W.A.R. movement originally started. Now, she is celebrating her 1-year anniversary and she has MUCH to be proud of! Not only is she a maverick in sharing the “good reads” available for young adults, she’s also paving the way on using social media outlets to help spread […]

Writers Against Racism: Cynthia Ballenger & Lift Every Voice Books

If you’ll accept my apologies… I met some truly passionate and dedicated authors, vendors and onlookers at this year’s BookExpo. Unfortunately, the new blog migration was occurring at the same time, so I do apologize for the time delay with postings.   “Cynthia Ballenger is the Acquisitions Manager for Lift Every Voice, a division arm of Moody Publishers […]

Writers Against Racism: 2010 NDLC Registration

Have you registered yet for the 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference at Princeton University? I’m one of the panel speakers and would LOVE to have you join in on our discussion. Amy Bowllan who writes as a community blogger on the School Library Journal website will discuss how blogging about a thought can grow into […]

Writers Against Racism: Writers Making The New Yorker ‘Cut’

After all of my blog woes, THIS JUST IN actually made my day