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Book Giveaway: Informational Text Par Excellence… ‘American Comic Book Chronicles’


So does this sound like something that could get the teen and tween comics fans you know into nonfiction? Sure it does.

Why At First I Didn’t Think I Could Write About ‘Citizen Hearst’


So why am I so on the fence about recommending this well-produced and often engaging film?

Five Simple Things It’s Easy to Overlook About Comics


At ALA Midwinter, one of the people in attendance asked how many librarians in the audience still encounter opposition from parents, teachers, or school administrators in promoting and collecting comics. I was astounded to see the majority of the librarians in the audience raise their hands.

Why ‘Marble Season’ is My Favorite Book of 2013 (So Far)

Marble Season Cover-400

As far as outside-of-school literacies are concerned, “Marble Season” is possibly a definitive treatise on the subject without even intending to be…

Crowdfunding, Fandom, and Media Literacy: One Key Thing We Should Be Teaching Kids

Veronica Mars Kickstarter

It’s not just dollars that are getting invested in the crowdfunding process, but fans themselves.

Using Single-Panel Cartoons to Introduce Scriptwriting to Students

Classic example of a gag cartoon by the great Reamer Keller.

A quick lesson idea that introduces scriptwriting by focusing on funny images and formal language.

Transmedia in Schools and Libraries: Thoughts and Strategies from Tyler Weaver

Marvel Universe 1960s

“How can you tell a story in a game and have it be school-appropriate, while simultaneously making the student think about the implications of what they enjoy playing?”