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Teaching Genre Conventions From a Fan’s Perspective

Genre Pyramid

While some readers may view particular story elements as clichés, a fan might see them as enduring archetypes…

Using Single-Panel Cartoons to Introduce Scriptwriting to Students

Classic example of a gag cartoon by the great Reamer Keller.

A quick lesson idea that introduces scriptwriting by focusing on funny images and formal language.

For Your Consideration: ‘Life of Pi,’ the Oscars, and How to Persuade the Media


Why is the case so strenuously made for a potential Best Picture win for ‘Life of Pi’?

4 Questions for Richard Beach about Literacy and Digital Comics Creation

Comic Life

“There’s a shift towards a more multimodal ways of communicating through digital videos, VoiceThread, and graphic novels/comics that is more appealing and engaging to adolescents who now expect such multimodal ways of learning…”

Comics Generators and Literacy: Edtech and Nontech Insights from Bill Zimmerman

Possible activity for Black History Month in a few weeks...?

“By encouraging their students to create comic strips, teachers accomplish important goals: they prepare their students for being able to appreciate art more, to gain visual literacy.”

50 Years of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Film: A Chat with Documentarian Mary Murphy

TKAM movie poster

“I feel there’s a direct line between readers of all stripes — young and old, Pulitzer Prize-winners and middle school students — because they all have a such a strong response to the novel. Community happens around ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’…”

Guest Post by Maria Selke… There and Back Again: (Re)Visiting ‘The Hobbit’ in Image and Text (2)


The most interesting part of this whole experiment was watching my group turn into self-proclaimed experts on how “The Hobbit” should be adapted for the big screen.