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Expanding a Book’s Universe

Saving Mr. N

Together we looked for ‘cheese holes’, or spaces in the story that allow the audience to participate in, contribute further to, and augment the original story using their own intelligence and imagination.

Learning About the Holocaust Through ‘Schindler’s List’ and IWitness

Schindler 2216_BW_00006A-thumb-497xauto-24118

“One of the students said to me, ‘You know IWitness is kind of like a cross between a library and YouTube.'”

Transmedia in Schools and Libraries: Thoughts and Strategies from Tyler Weaver

Marvel Universe 1960s

“How can you tell a story in a game and have it be school-appropriate, while simultaneously making the student think about the implications of what they enjoy playing?”

Teaching Transmedia with Comics: A Conversation with Tyler Weaver


“By allowing students to create with a medium, you give them the chance to explore the potential of the medium and of themselves. The exploration of potential is beautiful…”

Please Take This, Copy It, Use It, Improve It: A Digital Fandom Checklist

Teen Fans of K-pop
(photo credit: Joseph A Ferris III

Teaching librarians and language arts educators have, via fandom, a unique opening to reframe netiquette as something other than a subset of character education or online safety.

4 Questions for Richard Beach about Literacy and Digital Comics Creation

Comic Life

“There’s a shift towards a more multimodal ways of communicating through digital videos, VoiceThread, and graphic novels/comics that is more appealing and engaging to adolescents who now expect such multimodal ways of learning…”

Guest Post by Christopher Shamburg… When the Lit Hits the Fan in Teacher Education


Teachers don’t have to teach Harry Potter, Captain America, or World of Warcraft, but they can allow students to build their writing on these stories.