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Jane Austen, Edtech, and the Promise of ‘Theatrics’

Theatrics audience

“A narrative experience like ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ is compelling in part because of the great bones of Austen’s story and characters, for sure. But equally compelling is the story form, the opportunity for consumers to engage deeply with those characters…”

When Curriculum is Media: The Important Lessons of ‘The Revisionaries’


Students are provided with curriculum in much the same way that religious adherents are provided with scripture, as something whose source and authorship are not be discussed, much less questioned.

After Earth Day, Who “Speaks” for Nature?

Human Planet. (Photo Credit: © Timothy Allen/BBC 2010)

Aren’t most of our public policy debates about the environment informed by factoids/partial data/dramatic images supplied by media coverage rather than the relevant research?

How Foreign Films Can Teach Critical Thinking

World Affairs - Cover

Teenagers feel uncomfortable with the foreign setting, the emphasis on character and plot development. Yet, as students become engrossed in the story, they surrender to the “foreignness”…

‘Doctor Who’: The Ultimate Revenge of the Nerds

(© BBC) Photographer: Todd Antony/Designer: Lee Binding

In short, yes, bow ties really are cool.

A Question for Pop Culture Fandom: Strong Women… or Violent Women?

"Resident Evil: Retribution" opens in theaters tomorrow, but is Alice, the series' hero, a role model?

It’s the asking of tricky questions, not the providing of pat, politically-correct answers, that builds lifelong habits of mind in students.

Guest Post by Ryan Goble… Uncommon Literacies: Teaching ‘This American Life’ (2)

X-Men/This American Life Cross-Over; Poster available at

If our job as educators is to engage the hearts and minds of our students I can think of no better pop cultural text than “This American Life” to uncover the silly, strange, and sublime states of the human condition with our students.