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BEA, Famous Authors, and Why We’re All Guilty of Promoting ‘Celebrity Culture’

BEA - opening day 2013

I guess there was some cosplay going on, but most participating attendees chose to dress up as publishing executives for some reason.

“Are Zombies Good for Kids?”: A Lively Roundtable

Generation Dead - Kiss of Life

” I can see where it’s alarming to see your kid looking like a corpse, but it’s all part of rebellion, of saying the “regular” world of mortgages and wars and nuclear meltdown frightens them and they want to distance themselves from it…”

Talking Superman with Biographer Par Excellence Larry Tye

Superman Cover - 550

“…Superman lets us see what it is that makes a character work in media as disparate as comic books and radio, or as seemingly unconnected as the popular medium of afternoon children’s TV and the decidedly singular one of graphic novels.”

“The Raven” and the Case of the Dashingly Heroic Author

Photo Credit: Larry Horricks © 2011 Amontillado Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

Why do filmmakers never tire of romanticizing authors’ lives, and why do we never tire of flocking to the finished products…?

Dickens the Media King (2): A Few Words with Author Lewis Buzbee


If he lived today Dickens “would be on Facebook, would be tweeting constantly, and not only would he make his own films, he’d probably have several TV shows in the works at the same time.”

Dickens The Media King (1): Exploring Author “Longevity”

"Blankets" art and text by Criag Thompson, and available from Top Shelf Productions.

Authors who achieve long-lasting fame and admiration represent an easy—dare I say fun?—way to incorporate media lit objectives into core curriculum.