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Recommended Comics for Schools: Uncle Scrooge, Papyrus, The Loxleys/Crogan’s Loyalty, Hammer and Anvil

Crogan's Loyalty

Some time has passed since I posted part one and part two of this series, so by way of reminder, we’re not just taking a look at recent graphic titles of merit and how they align with core curriculum but also with media literacy, visual literacy, and similar topics. Uncle Scrooge: “Only a Poor Old […]

A Question for Pop Culture Fandom: Strong Women… or Violent Women?

"Resident Evil: Retribution" opens in theaters tomorrow, but is Alice, the series' hero, a role model?

It’s the asking of tricky questions, not the providing of pat, politically-correct answers, that builds lifelong habits of mind in students.

Critical Thinking’s Image Problem… and How to Fix It


There’s a big reason why many kids will resist your “critical thinking” efforts: no one really likes critics.

Some Brief Thoughts on Media Violence and Critical Literacy


Set the tone for an authentic exchange about media violence, not simply one where young people mouth public niceties…

The Year’s Must-See Movie So Far: “Pink Ribbons, Inc.”

Pink Ribbons Poster

It’s as if certain entities create brands that are so powerful that we never question their partnerships, politics, or their reification of particular practices and slogans. Then again, that’s probably one of the main goals of successful branding…

“The Avengers and Marketing-Overwhelm Syndrome” …or “How I Decided to Dump My In-Box All Over This Blog”

Avengers - Fans

In which I share the subject lines of every publicity email I’ve received from Disney… all in the service of media literacy education, of course.

The Anti-Airbrushing Campaign: Now Girls Take Charge

Jessica Alba - before and after

No longer is the topic of magazine covers solely the province of docs such as Miss Representation, adult feminists, the AMA, and media literacy folks like me. Now girls themselves are taking action.