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Teaching Transmedia with Comics: A Conversation with Tyler Weaver

“By allowing students to create with a medium, you give them the chance to explore the potential of the medium and of themselves. The exploration of potential is beautiful…”

Media Literacy, Powerfully: A Model for School Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration

“We use cereal boxes which hang in the library to identify the different aspects used to sell to adults vs children…”

Free Media Literacy Resources from the Folks Who Just Brought You the Oscar Nominations

A program that’s basic in a lot of ways, but also very, very solid…

Comics Generators and Literacy: Edtech and Nontech Insights from Bill Zimmerman

“By encouraging their students to create comic strips, teachers accomplish important goals: they prepare their students for being able to appreciate art more, to gain visual literacy.”

Comics Creation & Critical Thinking: From Doctor Who to Bitstrips

The limitations of most Comics Creation software are actually strengths when it comes to learning about media and enhancing critical thinking skills…

Guest Post by Christopher Shamburg… When the Lit Hits the Fan in Teacher Education

Teachers don’t have to teach Harry Potter, Captain America, or World of Warcraft, but they can allow students to build their writing on these stories.

‘Doctor Who’: The Ultimate Revenge of the Nerds

In short, yes, bow ties really are cool.