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Digital and Media Literacies at the NCTE Annual Convention


A handy list of all the NCTE session that are specifically sponsored by the Media and Digital Literacies Collaborative…

Recommended Comics for Schools: Annie Sullivan, Mystery Boxes, Anna & Froga

Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller

Skills and teaching topics covered in this post include visual literacy, nonfiction, genre, and transliteracy…

Guest Post by Ryan Goble… Uncommon Literacies: Teaching ‘This American Life’ (2)

X-Men/This American Life Cross-Over; Poster available at

If our job as educators is to engage the hearts and minds of our students I can think of no better pop cultural text than “This American Life” to uncover the silly, strange, and sublime states of the human condition with our students.

Guest Post by Ryan Goble… Uncommon Literacies: Teaching ‘This American Life’ (1)

This American Life logo-v5

Have you ever heard educators complaining that students don’t listen? Guess what? This should not come as a surprise because listening as a literacy is rarely explicitly taught. Pure audio texts provide opportunities to practice this skill.

Guest Post by John Chase… Character Education: The Secret Benefit of Edtech and Media Literacy


College and career readiness is not simply about understanding a McGraw-Hill textbook or filling in the right bubble on a standardized test, but knowing how to behave and cooperate with people in the classroom and on the job.

Writing in Darkness: A Survival Skill for Critical Thinking

...just imagine them scribbling away. (photo by Severin Dostal)

Note-taking as a form of “DVD commentary,” only silent…