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Confessions of a Cosplaying Librarian

Linda as Kagome: "

“The key idea is actually a media literacy one related to representation: no one in real life actually looks like an anime or manga character.”

This Weekend Forget ‘Gatsby,’ and See ‘The World Before Her’ Instead


…the most riveting film about gender I’ve seen in a looooong time.

After Earth Day, Who “Speaks” for Nature?

Human Planet. (Photo Credit: © Timothy Allen/BBC 2010)

Aren’t most of our public policy debates about the environment informed by factoids/partial data/dramatic images supplied by media coverage rather than the relevant research?

‘Girl Model’ Re-connects Media Literacy to its Beating Heart


There’s a danger when you spend a long, long time in the media literacy game…

Guest Post by Maria Selke… There and Back Again: (Re)Visiting ‘The Hobbit’ in Image and Text (1)


A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered examining trailers in a reading group…

“Are Zombies Good for Kids?”: A Chat with Psychoanalyst Jack Schwartz

(Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans)

“The zombie consciousness reflects the perfect expression of equal rights in society. There is no difference between boys and the girls in this world—hunger is the organizing principle.”

Recommended Comics for Schools: Uncle Scrooge, Papyrus, The Loxleys/Crogan’s Loyalty, Hammer and Anvil

Crogan's Loyalty

Some time has passed since I posted part one and part two of this series, so by way of reminder, we’re not just taking a look at recent graphic titles of merit and how they align with core curriculum but also with media literacy, visual literacy, and similar topics. Uncle Scrooge: “Only a Poor Old […]