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Presidential Elections, the Media Literacy Way: A Conversation with Frank W. Baker (3)

Frank Baker

“Students watching convention coverage need to be aware they are only allowed to see what the networks show them. Cameras cannot go everywhere. These high profile events will be carefully controlled by the politicians and the parties.”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 2: The Value of Series Fiction

Night of the Living Dummy

“I’m a big P.G. Wodehouse fan—that’s bad for my horror image.”

The R.L. Stine Interview, Part 1: Twenty Years of “Goosebumps”

Wanted - Haunted Mask

“I hear from young movie directors who say, ‘I got into horror because of you…'”

Who Really Created Batman? Marc Tyler Nobleman Talks About His Eye-Opening and Quietly Tragic New Picture Book

cover - Bill the Boy Wonder - MEDIUM

“I tried to end the story proper on a hopeful note but at the same time, I tell kids that we must learn the bad with the good; nothing but happy endings gets boring!”

Presidential Elections, the Media Literacy Way: A Conversation with Frank W. Baker (1)

Frank Baker - Political Campaigns

“The experts hired to work on the presidential campaigns know that in order to reach younger voters, they must position their candidate, and his message, in front of their eyeballs. Like good marketers they’re going to consider: what media/technology do young voters attend to and how can I get my message (and my candidate) in front of them?”

ALA 2012, Graphic Novels, and Literacy: A Chat with the Inimitable John Shableski

ALA Anaheim logo

“The next critical element in all of this? Reading specialists. When we see the formation of a group of reading specialists along the lines of the ALA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee, then the game is really going to hit a new gear…”

Talking Transmedia with Laura Fleming

Laura Fleming-400

“As a school librarian, I feel I have a responsibility to teach my students how to read and write across media and to provide a learning environment that allows for the freedom to think about story in less conventional ways.”