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50 Years of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Film: A Chat with Documentarian Mary Murphy

“I feel there’s a direct line between readers of all stripes — young and old, Pulitzer Prize-winners and middle school students — because they all have a such a strong response to the novel. Community happens around ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’…”

Guest Post by Maria Selke… There and Back Again: (Re)Visiting ‘The Hobbit’ in Image and Text (1)

A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered examining trailers in a reading group…

‘Life of Pi’: the Prettiness of the Soul and the Disneyfication of Literature

What does “spiritual” mean to us, culturally?

Guest Post by Miguel Rodriguez… Opportunities for Rich Discussion and Literary Analysis: Overcoming the Stigma of the Horror Genre Part 2

The most obvious question about the popularity of horror is one in which we question ourselves: why do people gravitate toward dark content?

Guest Post by Miguel Rodriguez… How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Monster: Overcoming the Stigma of the Horror Genre

It is important to remember that the stories I’ve mentioned were never really called “horror stories” because horror as a genre is essentially a ploy to make certain properties more marketable to a segment of the population.

New York Comic Con 2012: Highlights from the ALA-Sponsored Sessions

Megan Kociolek: “Libraries are mystical places…”

Why ‘Wuthering Heights’ is a Must-See

Andrea Arnold’s visually arresting take on Emily Brontë reveals how much our experience of certain literary schools, genres, and movements is filtered through the countless “prestige” films we’ve all seen over the years.