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Quick Links: Free Online Movies That Connect to Literature

Open Culture

From Sendak to Shakespeare, and from cartoons to documentaries…

“Movie-Proofing”: An Engaging Way to Build Transliterate Connections Between Page and Screen

Wimpy Kid - Dog Days One Sheet

How to make sure that a ticket for a movie adaptation doesn’t simply translate to a decent score on a comprehension-based quiz on the source novel?

Guest Post by Maria Selke: Harnessing Fandom to Teach the Hero’s Journey


I’ve always been proud of my fandom, but I’m even more thrilled that it is a powerful tool for instruction in my classroom.

Talking Transmedia with Nick DeMartino


Ready for some more transmedia-flavored food for thought? Well, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Q&A with media specialist Andy Plemmons and as an additional supplement to the transmedia piece in this month’s magazine, here’s a slightly extended conversation with Nick DeMartino, one of the true thought leaders in the field. I became familiar with his […]

Thank Ray Bradbury for Everything You Love

Yes, this 1951 paperback is the one I own and read as a 13-year-old (more than a quarter century later, that is.) Its imagery gives little sense of the haunting poeticism inside.ic

  They’re more than a tribute, they’re words to live by. In fact, of all the eloquent and heartfelt expressions of loss and appreciation since Ray Bradbury’s passing, these are the ones that, for me, cut to the heart of the matter. I’m talking about what Guillermo del Toro said yesterday in a brief note […]

8 Pop Culture Clips That Prove Shakespeare Is The Coolest Thing Ever

"Coriolanus": as if more proof of Shakespeare's timelessness was needed...

Yesterday’s release of “Coriolanus” on DVD led to this thought: what are some of the more impressive pop culture riffs on Shakespeare?

Holmes and Watson: Too Archetypal For Their Own Good?

Holmes & Watson - Night

Should fans be flattered, rather than annoyed, when their fan object achieves archetypal status… thus leaving itself open to myriad re-interpretations, including radical ones?