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Visual Literacy and Media Literacy QuickLink: Brutally Honest Oscar Posters

Call of Duty - ZDT Mash-up

Just in case you missed this gallery of reimagined posters for the Best Picture Oscar nominees when College Humor debuted it last month…

Scriptwriting, the ‘Languages of Film,’ and Media Literacy: Teaching the Oscars with Frank Baker


“I think it’s a tragedy that most of today’s textbooks completely ignore media and the important process of scriptwriting.”

The Oscars: Frank Baker Talks Critical Thinking, Movie Fandom, and the Common Core

Lincoln-First Image

“Yes: I think it is fair, appropriate and altogether fitting that we share our passion for media. I think a great question to ask anyone and to demand an answer to is: why are you a fan of __(fill in the blank)_?”

For Your Consideration: ‘Life of Pi,’ the Oscars, and How to Persuade the Media


Why is the case so strenuously made for a potential Best Picture win for ‘Life of Pi’?

Guest Post by Maria Selke… There and Back Again: (Re)Visiting ‘The Hobbit’ in Image and Text (2)


The most interesting part of this whole experiment was watching my group turn into self-proclaimed experts on how “The Hobbit” should be adapted for the big screen.

Guest Post by Emily Weisenstein and Joseph Gasparro… Superheroes, Branding, and Libraries (Part 2)

Dr. Holmes Finished Design

The most interesting part of the project was seeing how the teens went about modifying the generic superhero to specifically fit the library…

Guest Post by Emily Weisenstein and Joseph Gasparro… Superheroes, Branding, and Libraries (Part 1)

Sam - Cheerleader Hero

When children were asked to create their own superheroes, they were unconsciously tapping into a generic brand and modifying it to create their own representations. They didn’t know it, but they were actively refining an existing brand to make it their own.