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4 Questions for Richard Beach about Literacy and Digital Comics Creation

Comic Life

“There’s a shift towards a more multimodal ways of communicating through digital videos, VoiceThread, and graphic novels/comics that is more appealing and engaging to adolescents who now expect such multimodal ways of learning…”

Free Media Literacy Resources from the Folks Who Just Brought You the Oscar Nominations

AMPAS logo

A program that’s basic in a lot of ways, but also very, very solid…

Comics Generators and Literacy: Edtech and Nontech Insights from Bill Zimmerman

Possible activity for Black History Month in a few weeks...?

“By encouraging their students to create comic strips, teachers accomplish important goals: they prepare their students for being able to appreciate art more, to gain visual literacy.”

Comics Creation Tools: Thoughts From ‘The Graphic Classroom’


“Visual literacy is as old as humanity. Humans learned to communicate visually before they communicated with text. It’s really not new; it just might feel new.”

Comics Creation & Critical Thinking: From Doctor Who to Bitstrips

Gutierrez - Victory of the Daleks

The limitations of most Comics Creation software are actually strengths when it comes to learning about media and enhancing critical thinking skills…

“Convergence,” DIY Transmedia, and Librarians

(photo courtesy of the Film Society of Lincoln Center)

I used to think that understanding transmedia required media literacy, and of course it does to some extent, but now I realize that I might have had the cart before the horse…

Guest Post by Ryan Goble… Uncommon Literacies: Teaching ‘This American Life’ (2)

X-Men/This American Life Cross-Over; Poster available at

If our job as educators is to engage the hearts and minds of our students I can think of no better pop cultural text than “This American Life” to uncover the silly, strange, and sublime states of the human condition with our students.