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Guest Post by John Chase… Character Education: The Secret Benefit of Edtech and Media Literacy


College and career readiness is not simply about understanding a McGraw-Hill textbook or filling in the right bubble on a standardized test, but knowing how to behave and cooperate with people in the classroom and on the job.

Scrambling Our Brains with Pop Culture: A Sometimes Silly Conversation with Cartoonist and Author Dave Roman

Teen Boat in Action - by John Green

“I certainly have a lot of fun mashing these tropes and archetypes up. I think my style of writing is akin to putting all my influences into a blender and making a smoothie to enjoy with like-minded individuals.”

Earth Day Viewing: Suggestions and Strategies

from "The Frozen Planet"  (photo credit: © BBC/Discovery Channel)

When we fully accept images in place of the real, or they function merely as a form of entertainment, that means it’s already too late for the planet we’re ostensibly celebrating…