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(Re)Connecting the Pop: The Hunger Games, Election 2012, Ray Bradbury, The Avengers

Art by Faith Erin Hicks

Revisiting some of the pop culture topics covered here over the past few months by way of sharing some related links that get at media literacy, visual literacy, and transliteracy.

Thank Ray Bradbury for Everything You Love

Yes, this 1951 paperback is the one I own and read as a 13-year-old (more than a quarter century later, that is.) Its imagery gives little sense of the haunting poeticism inside.ic

  They’re more than a tribute, they’re words to live by. In fact, of all the eloquent and heartfelt expressions of loss and appreciation since Ray Bradbury’s passing, these are the ones that, for me, cut to the heart of the matter. I’m talking about what Guillermo del Toro said yesterday in a brief note […]