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Why ‘Wuthering Heights’ is a Must-See

Andrea Arnold’s visually arresting take on Emily Brontë reveals how much our experience of certain literary schools, genres, and movements is filtered through the countless “prestige” films we’ve all seen over the years.

Recommended Comics for Schools: Uncle Scrooge, Papyrus, The Loxleys/Crogan’s Loyalty, Hammer and Anvil

Some time has passed since I posted part one and part two of this series, so by way of reminder, we’re not just taking a look at recent graphic titles of merit and how they align with core curriculum but also with media literacy, visual literacy, and similar topics. Uncle Scrooge: “Only a Poor Old […]

A Question for Pop Culture Fandom: Strong Women… or Violent Women?

It’s the asking of tricky questions, not the providing of pat, politically-correct answers, that builds lifelong habits of mind in students.

The Anti-Airbrushing Campaign: Now Girls Take Charge

No longer is the topic of magazine covers solely the province of docs such as Miss Representation, adult feminists, the AMA, and media literacy folks like me. Now girls themselves are taking action.

“Monsieur Lazhar” Gets Teaching Right—Or Does It?

Think about it: teachers are usually represented as domineering, if not cruel, or as boringly pompous pendants, or both. Alternately, of course, they are shown as dazzlingly inspirational, as courageous mavericks.

Making Quality Irrelevant: Why to Watch “The Sitter” and “The Descendants”

For your consideration: two recent films where we’re supposed to find children’s lack of innocence amusing.