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Blu-ray Giveaway: Doctor Who Series 7 (Part One)

Thanks to BBC America, Connect the Pop has three of the just-released-today Blu-rays to give away…

Guest Post by Miguel Rodriguez: “Something is happening! Send your critical thinkers quick!”

Entire worlds have been opened to me as the direct result of my independent studies into what some would call “low brow,” “exploitative,” or “disreputable” art forms.

Seeing the Future Through the Lens of the Past: A Conversation with Brian Fies (Part 2)

“Every time I see a vehicle broken down on the side of the road, I reflect on what a truly terrible idea flying cars would be. That’s not a promise I seriously want kept.”

Seeing the Future Through the Lens of the Past: A Conversation with Brian Fies (Part 1)

“Comic books are really a different product now, less intended for kids than the adults they grew into.”

Thank Ray Bradbury for Everything You Love

  They’re more than a tribute, they’re words to live by. In fact, of all the eloquent and heartfelt expressions of loss and appreciation since Ray Bradbury’s passing, these are the ones that, for me, cut to the heart of the matter. I’m talking about what Guillermo del Toro said yesterday in a brief note […]

8 Pop Culture Clips That Prove Shakespeare Is The Coolest Thing Ever

Yesterday’s release of “Coriolanus” on DVD led to this thought: what are some of the more impressive pop culture riffs on Shakespeare?

Why We Respond to “Chronicle” – Part 1: Anne Frank’s Vlog

We spy on these characters, we travel alongside them like a second, invisible yet all-seeing head on their shoulders, we peer inside their skulls, and later we say we “identified” with them as if that’s something they would have wanted…