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Talking Transmedia with Laura Fleming

Laura Fleming-400

“As a school librarian, I feel I have a responsibility to teach my students how to read and write across media and to provide a learning environment that allows for the freedom to think about story in less conventional ways.”

Talking Transmedia with Nick DeMartino


Ready for some more transmedia-flavored food for thought? Well, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Q&A with media specialist Andy Plemmons and as an additional supplement to the transmedia piece in this month’s magazine, here’s a slightly extended conversation with Nick DeMartino, one of the true thought leaders in the field. I became familiar with his […]

Talking Transmedia with Andy Plemmons

Andy Plemmons-600

“As media specialists collaborate with teachers to create transmedia, it is important for teachers to have some mentor transmedia “texts” to offer students in writing workshops just as they offer picture books or chapter book selections.”

BEA 2012: Live, Semi-Live, and Post-Mortem Blogging (Tuesday)


I’m attending sessions and wandering around, and, well, here are some of the results…

Why We Respond to “Chronicle” – Part 2: Found Footage and Narrative Immersion

He crumples the car without touching it... similarly, we live out our dark desires on the screen without being on the screen. (image courtesy of Fox)

A connection with the point-of-view character sometimes isn’t made because words and ideas somehow get in the way of immediacy rather than reinforcing it. So when we attempt to show the cost of not appreciating literature by referencing the beauty and profundity of those words and ideas, we’re possibly compounding the problem…