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Media Literacy, Powerfully: A Model for School Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration

“We use cereal boxes which hang in the library to identify the different aspects used to sell to adults vs children…”

Comics Creation Tools: Thoughts From ‘The Graphic Classroom’

“Visual literacy is as old as humanity. Humans learned to communicate visually before they communicated with text. It’s really not new; it just might feel new.”

Comics Creation & Critical Thinking: From Doctor Who to Bitstrips

The limitations of most Comics Creation software are actually strengths when it comes to learning about media and enhancing critical thinking skills…

Digital and Media Literacies at the NCTE Annual Convention

A handy list of all the NCTE session that are specifically sponsored by the Media and Digital Literacies Collaborative…

Book Giveaway: Totally MAD — 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

Is this the media literacy book of the year? A case could definitely be made…

Recommended Comics for Schools: Annie Sullivan, Mystery Boxes, Anna & Froga

Skills and teaching topics covered in this post include visual literacy, nonfiction, genre, and transliteracy…

(Re)Connecting the Pop: The Hunger Games, Election 2012, Ray Bradbury, The Avengers

Revisiting some of the pop culture topics covered here over the past few months by way of sharing some related links that get at media literacy, visual literacy, and transliteracy.