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Just-For-Fun Giveaway: Zombie Cupcakes Book

The tendency is to group fictional treatments of pop culture archetypes such as zombies with similar texts of fiction, but actually non-fiction texts such as this one can be far more reflective of fandom-based learning…

Some Major No-No’s for Student Critics… and All Critics, Really

“Certainly, some adult humans will be shocked to learn that they cannot simply pick up a comic book and hurl it at the nearest child.” -Dylan Meconis

Pop Culture Press Releases: Use These Real-World Models as Prompts to Writing and Critical Thinking

Want to support the persuasive writing skills of young pop culture geeks, and have them gain some media literate insights into entertainment marketing?

Comic-Con Special: Buddy Scalera on How Young People Can Break Into the Biz

“You should look to publish your strips online or in some other way, so you can gain an appreciation for the process. Try to understand different aspects of how comics are created, so you know what other people in the process actually do. If you understand what other people do, you will improve your own craft.”

Writing in Darkness: A Survival Skill for Critical Thinking

Note-taking as a form of “DVD commentary,” only silent…

Watch These Movies About Fandom Instead of “Comic-Con Episode IV”

Pauline Kael, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, and “Troll 2″… all can help shed light on the teaching, learning, and “literacies” that occur around and within fandom.

Writing Themselves Into a Frenzy

“Stop Watching. Start Writing.”