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Exclusive: New ‘Lumberjanes’ Graphic Novel

Big news from BOOM! Box: Writer Lilah Sturges and artist polterink are back with their third Lumberjanes original graphic novel, ‘Lumberjanes: True Colors.’

Preview: ‘Cosmo the Mighty Martian’ #4

Here’s an early look at ‘Cosmo the Mighty Martian’ #4, which revives a classic Archie Comics character from the days of the Space Race.

Review: ‘She-Ra and The Princesses of Power: Legend of The Fire Princess’

Caleb reviews the new She-Ra graphic novel, which is based on the animated show and stays pretty close to it.

Review: Maker Comics Draw a Comic

The latest title in First Second’s Maker Comics series is a Maker Comic about making a comic!

Exclusive: New Graphic Novel from R.L. Stine

You read it here first: Kids’ horror master R.L. Stine is back with a new graphic novel, ‘Just Beyond: Welcome to Beast Island,’ to be published by KaBOOM! in October.

This Week’s Comics: Cat Investigators

Check out this week’s new comics and manga releases, including cat capers from Papercutz and super alligator spies from First Second.

Preview: ‘Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #307

Archie brings the high school hijinks in this week’s preview, which includes a complete classic story and a peek at a brand-new one.

Review: ‘Shadow of The Batgirl’

Sarah Kuhn and Nicole Goux retell the story of the second Batgirl Cassandra Cain in a new graphic novel that is remarkably faithful to the original comics, and remarkably good.

Preview: ‘Bug Boys’

Laura Knetzger’s ‘Bug Boys’ is out today, and we’ve got a preview—in which Stag-B and Rhino-B take a trip to the beach!

Exclusive: First Look at Ethan Young’s ‘Space Bear’

Ethan Young, creator of ‘The Battles of Bridget Lee,’ has a new graphic novel in the works—and we have an exclusive first look!