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Review: Displacement

In Kiku Hughes’ ‘Displacement,’ a teenage girl goes back in time to the internment camp where her grandmother was held. Through her eyes, we see the everyday life of the Americans who were held in the camps and the extraordinary events that occurred there.

This Week’s Comics: Postman from the Stars

This week’s new titles shipping from Diamond Distributors include a story of heartbreak and hope from Dial Books and one of harrowing and hilarious adventures from Holiday House.

Reflection: The Importance of ‘Avatar’

The editor of Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra graphic novels reflects on what those stories mean to her.

Review: ‘Prince Freya’ Vol. 1

In Keiko Ishihara’s new series a village girl must take the place of the dead prince to save her friends and the whole kingdom., But she quickly learns that there’s more to playing the role than cutting her hair and changing her clothes, and any mistakes could prove fatal.

This Week’s Comics: Back to Work

Diamond Distributors is shipping again with new titles from DC Comics and Papercutz featured this week.

Review: Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru Volume 1

The new title by the creator of Naruto heads to the stars with sci-fi and samurai.

Review: ‘Estranged: The Changeling King’

Today Caleb looks at the sequel to Ethan Aldridge’s ‘Estranged.’

Review: Nat Enough

Nat Enough Book Cover

A middle-school story with a good dose of humor, ‘Nat Enough’ is a story about making friends, losing friends, and finding your own voice.

Saturday Special: Free Digital Comics

Secret agents, steampunk school, and Scooby-Doo – all comics that are free on digital platforms right now!

Review: ‘Jughead’s Time Police’

It’s a Crisis of Infinite Jugheads when Riverdale’s most voracious teen invents time travel in order to change the past…and accidentally endangers all of time and space in the process. Creators Sina Grace and Derek Charm tell the biggest Jughead Jones story of all time in their remarkably good reboot of Jughead’s Time Police.