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Review: ‘Spider-Man Swings Through Europe’

In this unique kinda sorta adaptation of the new Spider-Man movie, Calliope Glass, Andrew Kolb and Spidey give kids a tour of Europe…or at least the parts of Europe the film is set in.

This Week’s Comics: Not So Disney Princesses

Action Lab Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics have books featured in the picks from this week’s new releases.

Exclusive: KaBOOM! Announces ‘Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars’

We’ve got breaking news this Monday morning: Snoopy is going to Mars in the latest Peanuts original graphic novel from BOOM! Studios.

Preview: ‘B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest’ #272

Time for more summer fun with our preview of B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #272! This month’s digest features not one but two new stories in the classic style, and we have a taste of both as well as a complete older story to enjoy!

Elfquest Returns With New Series From Dark Horse Comics

Elfquest, one of the longest running independent comics in the US, ended in March 2018. Elfquest: The Final Quest, concluded the story of the series’ protagonist, Cutter Kinseeker, and as far as the fans knew, was to be the last story told by creators Richard and Wendy Pini in the World of Two Moons. An […]


You read it here first! Ben will explore a haunted house in the next Ben 10 graphic novel, ‘Ben 10: The Manchester Mystery.’

Review: ‘Marvel Action: Spider-Man: A New Beginning’

In Marvel Action: Spider-Man, one of the new Marvel comics from IDW, Delilah S. Dawson and Fico Ossio give readers three times the regular dose of spider-themed heroes.

Preview: ‘Archie and Me Jumbo Comics Digest’ #19

Automation comes to Riverdale, and it’s costing Archie and Jughead money! Plus a complete summer-fun story featuring Hot Dog.

This Week’s Comics: Unlock the Magic of Reading

Highlights from this week’s list of new releases include a new Disney Zootopia graphic novel for young readers, Hard Day’s Work, from Dark Horse Comics. Lion Forge releases the second volume in the Ballad of Yaya series with The Prisoner, while Marvel collects the first story arc from Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in Volume 1 Secrets […]

Review: Olympians: Apollo, The Brilliant One

George O’Connor’s tales of the exploits of the Greek gods continues with Apollo.