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Review: Simpson’s Library of Wisdom: Flanders’ Book of Faith

If you’re one of the few people who just have to know more about every citizen of Springfield, this series of books is made for you. The TV show is set to claim the record for longest running scripted TV series ever (Gunsmoke still tops it at 20 years, a landmark The Simpsons tied this year) and it shows through in the wide, virtually endless cast of characters the creators have conjured up over the last two decades. With so many to deal with, it’s impossible to learn the intricacies of each and every denizen of that small town located in *mumbles answer*.

Enter The Simpsons Library of Wisdom book series. Contained in these volumes are the ins and outs, the histories, the nuances, every little detail you ever wanted to know about your favorite Simpsons cast member, but were afraid to ask. And with this book, titled Flanders’ Book of Faith, you too can learn everything there is to know about Springfield’s resident God-fearing, moral-choosing church-goer.

Unlike the cartoon, which has always been thought of as a kid’s affair simply because it’s a bright, colorful cartoon, this book’s aim is certainly more at the all-ages crowd, if not directly at the older teens and adults. Sure, the children can identify with Bart’s antics and maybe even sympathize with a deadbeat dad like Homer, but by and large the jokes will sail over their heads. Also, would a child really want to comb through the excrutiating minutia of every single character in the Simpsons universe?

If you’ve ever seen an episode that featured Ned Flanders specifically, the overly-Christian do-gooder neighbor of the Simpsons doesn’t really shock or amaze with any of the content in this collection. Yes, every page features a word that ends in "-oodly" and Ned’s views on all aspects of life, from pop culture to politics, are as right-wing as you’ll ever find; even Rush Limbaugh would tell this guy he’s gone too far. Luckily, there’s a broad range of topics, ranging from "40 Types of People You Meet In Church", which pulls from the aforementioned massive cast to populate a list of stereotypes people find in nearly every church (with this one made funnier by the fact that Disco Stu is "The Restless Toe Tapper") and "A Ned Flanders Cookbook" featuring new takes on classics like a falafel consisting of a hot dog bun, plain croutons, and Ranch dressing.

The entire book is more of the same, spinning every list you could ever possibly think of with a Flanders twist. So, if you feel like viewing all things Simpsons through Flanders-colored glasses, order your copy today!


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