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All Ages Comics and Manga List For 10/15/08

When I first started making this week’s list, I didn’t think there would be much to highlight.  Boy was I wrong!  There are a lot of good books coming out, including a DIY Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  IDW has more great Doctor Who titles, and a trade of Dreamland Chronicles.  Not too much on the spooky side, though I do manage to find an oldie but goodie.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Book, $10.95

Archie Digest #248, $2.49
Sabrina Vol 2 #97, $2.25

Simpsons Comics #147, $2.99

Scooby Doo #137, $2.25  ^^Halloween Pick^^
Super Friends #8, $2.25

Theres A Wolf At The Door HC, $19.95  ^^AA Pick^^

Baby-Sitters Club SC Vol 4 Claudia & Mean Janine, $8.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Doctor Who Forgotten #2 (Regular Nick Roche Cover), $3.99
Dreamland Chronicles TP Book 1 (IDW Edition), $19.99
Grant Morrisons Doctor Who #1 (Regular Robert Hack Cover), $3.99

Phonics Comics Level 3 Otis C Mouse – Egypt, $3.99

Marvel Adventures Avengers #29, $2.99
Marvel Adventures The Avengers Digest Vol 7 Weirder And Wilder, $8.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #16, $4.99
Skrulls Vs Power Pack #4 (of 4), $2.99

Hannah Montana Cinemanga GN Vol 6 (of 10)(resolicited), $7.99


There’s a Wolf at the Door HC – I’ve always loved fairy tales.  One of the most influencial scholars of mythology, Joseph Campbell, became interested in the field through fairy tales, so anytime I see a book that takes them on, I’ve just got to check it out.  This title from First Second takes 5 traditional tales and turns them on their head by telling them from the wolf’s perspective.  The writing is humorous and the art has the watercolor feel of Beatrix Potter.  This is a true all ages title, as both kids and adults will appreciate and enjoy the humor.

Baby-Sitters Club SC Vol 4 – I believe the best way to get graphic novels accepted by general audiences is to do what this and other titles have done; adapt and/or write new stories about popular novels.  Put out by the graphic division of Scholastic, Graphix, these books are based on the original novels.  In this volume, the friends of the BSC get into a fight, leaving Mary-Anne alone.  She has to come up with something, or the BSC is done for.  The art is simple but well done, and is all in black and white.  It should appeal to girls who also read and enjoy manga.

Scooby Doo #137 – There weren’t any specifically Halloween-ish titles this week, but Scooby Doo is always good for some spooky fun.  These original ghost busters have been bagging ghosts for over forty years (Jinkies!  It’s been that long?!)  This issue features two stories about the newest favorite monster of the last few years, zombies!  The comic series has stayed closer to the original series, unmasking the ghosts, rather than the movies where the "ghosts are real", which I prefer both as an old fan, and as a parent.  Kids need more emphasis on rational thought, and Scooby Doo does provide some of that in its own, unique way.

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