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Linkfest: Hey, Supergirl!

I saw this in the October Previews and was very excited: DC is putting out an all-ages Supergirl comic, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade. Newsarama has a four-page preview to whet our appetites. The art is simple and stylized, and it looks like there will be a strong dose of humor.

The standard depictions of Supergirl have gotten a lot of criticism recently from comics readers for depicting Supergirl as either really stupid or overly sexualized (she’s supposed to be 16). The handling of the character got so much negative reaction that in January 2007, DC editor actually asked women to give Supergirl another chance, a plea that was met with hoots of derision.

The new incarnation is meeting with more enthusiasm, however.

At Sporadic Sequential, John Jakala reacts to a request from his daughter’s preschool that children not bring superhero items to school, and he wonders whether superhero comics actually do encourage violence among children.

JK Parkin talks to Faith Erin Hicks about her new boarding-school graphic novel The War at Ellesmere, which is due out in December. There’s a preview here and more info at Faith’s website.

Kirk Chritton interviews Halo and Sprocket creator Kerry Callen about the creative process at

Johanna Draper Carlson came back from Small Press Expo with a stack of graphic novels, including Emiko Superstar and the latest Baby-Sitters Club GN.
Good news for fans of Looking Glass Wars: The LGW website has a Hatter M comic and lots more goodies. The Hatter M trade paperback is due out soon; watch this site for reviews.

And Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner has a new website up as well.

The Diamond Bookshelf takes a look at Top Shelf’s kids’ offerings for this fall, which include new volumes of Owly, Johnny Boo, Korgi, and Yam.

The Friends of Lulu blog has a rundown of Archie comics being released in October.

And here are some vintage kids’ comics for your enjoyment: Huckleberry Hound Weekly at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, The Munsters #8 at Magic Carpet Burn, and Melvin Monster at Brief Window.

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